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Cosmetic Concealer

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Instant Blemish-free Skin From A Quality Cosmetic Concealer

Skin is the biggest part of the human body. It reflects your beauty. What is a beautiful face with blemished skin? People would rather prefer ordinary faces covered by flawless skin.

Dermatologists help make your skin glowing and perfect. But how long would it take you and the dermatologist to remedy your skin imperfections? It does not happen instantly. But – there are cosmetic products that can make your skin flawless – INSTANTLY. The cosmetic concealer is a revolution – a discovery that gives a person instant glowing skin. You do not have to worry about your dark circles under the eyes or skin discoloration or crows feet around the eyes. They can be hidden from the naked eye. Even if you have blemishes, you can attend social obligations without hesitations. Your skin looks good. Cosmetic concealer was there to rescue you in your beauty emergency!

What skin imperfections can cosmetic concealers hide?

  1. dark circles under your eyes
  2. fine lines and wrinkles (crows feet)
  3. scars
  4. skin discoloration
  5. pimples and freckles
  6. age spots
  7. birthmarks
  8. signs of fatigue

Kinds of cosmetic concealers

There are different kinds of cosmetic concealers. They come in liquid, stick, cream, and brush-on. For liquid and cream cosmetic concealers, dot the area near the skin imperfection. Blend the dots with your fingertips or dry sponge. The stick cosmetic concealer is applied directly to the affected area. Then again, the applied concealer is blended with the finger tips or a dry sponge. The brush-on cosmetic concealer is the easiest to apply. With a stick brush (this comes with the package), you apply the concealer with the brush. The brush is also used to even out the area. You may apply the concealer after your foundation then top with loose powder.

Tips in choosing the right cosmetic concealer

  1. color – You have to choose the color that matches your skin tone. If not, the concealer might not accomplish the job it is supposed to do. Available also are color-correcting make-up concealers. That is what we call concealer color coding. If skin redness is supposed to be hidden, green-colored concealer is needed. For bluish discoloration apply a yellow colored concealer. If you want to hide your dark circles under your eyes, use a light colored one (lighter than your skin tone). Then use the dark colored or opaque cosmetic concealer to hide your scars or birthmark.
  2. water resistant – This is very useful during hot climate. It will resist your perspiration so your skin will remain flawless. You can also use the water resistant concealer when you go swimming.
  3. Fragrance-free and non-allergenic– This prevents bouts of allergy.
  4. Non-comedogenic – To avoid acne aggravation.

Make a cosmetic concealer a part of your beauty regimen. It is always possible that a time will come when you have beauty emergency – a pimple or dark circles under your eyes. The concealer will instantly give you a flaw-free facial skin. There are a lot of cosmetic concealers available in the market. Go for the tested brand. If you make the wrong choice, instead of disguise, your flaws may be accentuated.