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Lip Concealer

The Secret To A Beautiful, Plump And Kissable Lips – A Lip Concealer

Every woman is a painter. The face is the canvas a woman paints on every day. For the base, she needs foundation, eye concealer and lip concealer. For the cheeks, she brushes blush on. For the eyes, she applies eye shadow, mascara and eye liner. Then she makes an arc on the eyebrow with a good quality eyebrow pencil. For the lips (already prepared when the lip concealer was applied) will be painted with lipstick, topped by lip gloss. Finish the painting with powder – either loose or pressed powder.

A cosmetic concealer is one very important make-up item, especially when there are blemishes to hide. Commonly used under the eye, a concealer is also used on the lips. Both have the same purpose: eye concealers cover discoloration and pigmentation under the eyes while lip concealer does the same purpose – on a different location, which is the lip area.

Some of the imperfections concealed by a lip concealer are:

  1. Redness on the lips and the area around the mouth
  2. Discoloration or pigmentation
  3. Creases or laugh lines

The following should be noted on the efficacy of lip concealer:

  1. The shade of your lipstick will be more pronounced once the redness is covered or hidden.
  2.  The lip concealer does not mix with the lipstick so the latter retains its natural shade.
  3. The lip concealer fills in all the vertical wrinkles on your lips and around the mouth. The process will make your lips look plump and full.

Because of additional treatment ingredients in a lip concealer, you have additional benefits – a BONUS!

  1. They are like lip balms so the lip concealer will have soothing effects on your lips.
  2. The concealer prevents dryness so there will be no peeling of the skin on your lips and all around the mouth area.
  3. The lip concealer has moisturizers that will keep the lips hydrated..
  4. It is a prevention for occurrence of chapped lips.
  5. It protects the lips from UV rays. Thanks to SPF commonly included.
  6. The lips are accentuated because of the beautiful shape.
  7. The lipstick that you apply on your lips will last longer. You would not need to keep re-touching your lipstick.

 How to apply a lip concealer –

With a brush, apply lip concealer around the lips and mouth perimeter. Correct with the lip concealer any imbalance in the contours of the lips. Use the brush to draw the ideal shape of the lips. Then fill the lines of the lips with the lip concealer. Be sure the lines are not over-drawn. Cover any lip blemish or discoloration. Make the area smooth and ready for the lipstick.

The lip concealer can come in different forms – cream or stick. Any kind will be as good as the other provided you are careful on how you apply it; otherwise it will defeat the purpose. Instead of beautiful lips – you come up with a horrible mouth.

Lip concealer will not cost you so much. Make this an integral part of your beauty regimen. Put one in your make-up kit and carry anywhere a luscious, plump and kissable lips.